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Post  StallionGriefs on Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:50 pm

A long time a go, on and old server once called SMP, with other words I will not say..
There was a team:
Team Bukkit. It contained 5 original members.
1. BukkitSuckers
2. SonicUno
3. StallionGriefs
4. DeathFury5
5. SilverBuscus

We formed a griefing team on that server, SMP, and well. Our leader, bukkit died a month after he did the biggest grief ever on on that server, we had a giant memorial and such, then, to continue on the backstory, Team Bukkit became a PMC-wide [almost] known griefing team. We hit several reddit servers, trolled many servers as we got OP and spammed it, banning everyone including an Owner that had no idea how to use console. Fun times.
The team is being reformed on this server, to do some grief and pvping.

If you would like to join, fill out this small format.

Who the fuck are you? [IGN]:

How the fuck old are you?:

That's about all. Feel free to leave a friendly note below the application. Smile


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